Q: I have started a new job and they say they will have to deduct tax at source. Is there anything you can do?
A: Maybe. We shall need more details about the work and who you are doing it for and we will take it from there. We do have a deep knowledge of “status” issues-sad as we are!

Q: I need a mortgage but because I am self-employed everyone says I’ll have great difficulty in getting one?
A: We are used to completing mortgage references for our clients. Give your mortgage advisor the Ayre & Co phone number and we can advise them of our relevant qualifications and discuss with them what they need.

Q: I have worked abroad and tax was taken by the person who paid me overseas. Do I have to pay tax again in the UK?
A: Yes…but No! The foreign earnings do have to be declared in the UK but you can get a credit for the tax deducted at source abroad and years of experience mean we know the word for tax in lots of languages!

Q: I haven’t earned much this year. Do I have to tell the tax-man? 
A: Yes, is the short answer! But you may not need to have full accounts done, it may not be necessary or cost effective. Call us and we can talk about options.

Q: I know this sounds like a daft question but…..
A: No-it’s not a daft question. It’s only a daft question if you don’t call Ayre & Co and find out the answer and put yourself out of your misery! 

Q: Why do I need to prove who I am?
A: The Money Laundering Regulations require all accountants to verify that new clients are who they say they are. Current legislation means that everyone who provides accountancy services must either belong to one of the professional bodies (Angie Ayre is a Licensed Member in Practice of the Association of Accounting Technicians) or be regulated by HMRC. This ensures that a consistent professional standard is maintained across the financial services sector.

The evidence that Accountancy Service Providers must obtain may now be evaluated on a risk basis, but expect to have to provide, at the very least, something with your name and picture on it as well as something with your name and home address.